How Can i Follow?

A lot of factors were there that led to the emergence of Buddism. When we talk about Buddhism, we associate it with words like desire, peace or suffering. Most of the people believe that Buddhism is very pessimistic in nature as it talks about the killing of Desire. According to Buddhist principles, the cause of suffering … Continue reading How Can i Follow?

4nia 4ever

Today my day started with a really bad news. There were rumours that 4minute members were thinking of disbanding and only Hyuna has renewed her contract with the Cube Entertainment. This evening, it was confirmed. There are not really a lot of people around in my country who listen to K-pop. I myself only listen … Continue reading 4nia 4ever

We Aren’t Machines

We have created a society and business environment which is consumer oriented. We care about what our consumers want, we have employed different measures to rate their satisfaction and are using different tools to provide better quality products and services. That is the uttermost requirement in this competitive market. No field is left where one … Continue reading We Aren’t Machines

Ethics and Economy

Ethics are the moral principles that impact the decisions made by a person. Ethics and Economy are strongly interlinked with each other as a person’s ethics, as well as his perception and attitude towards the economy greatly, affects his decision making which can have wide ranging consequences on the Economy of the region or country. … Continue reading Ethics and Economy

Awesome Shelley

When we were in School, our teacher made us read a poem of Shelley. It was Ozymandias. A great piece but at that time I was not interested at all and all I cared about was finishing the class and play basketball or football. Only if I knew how awesome this person was, i would have … Continue reading Awesome Shelley